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06/06/2017     Cleaning your old Heating System


Having a new boiler fitted? If you are going to connect the new boiler to your existing heating system it’s important to make the system is clean. The last thing you want is rust, sludge and loose scale ending up in your lovely new boiler. Apart from anything else it will almost certainly invalidate the warranty.

So how do you go about cleaning the system, ideally with a powerflush. This is where a cleaning chemical is pumped abound the pipework and radiators. It will dissolve the sludge, break up larger chunks of rust and pick up all the bits of lime scale floating around your heating system. Then its all flushed out until it’s clear. Now your ready to connect your new boiler and add a good quality inhibitor. This will save you a great deal of time and trouble further down the line.

Most boiler manufacturers offer extended warranties, some up to 10 years, If your boiler breaks down inside the warranty period the manufacturer will send out an engineer. In most cases guess what the first thing he will do is? Take a water sample from your heating system! So if it’s not clean and doesn’t have inhibitor in, you could be looking at a big bill.

Now these days almost everyone in the heating trade is going to powerflush your old system. But like all things there is a small minority that will skip this process. Maybe to save time or perhaps to keep their prices down.  The bottom line is that you really want the old system to be as clean as possible. Your new boiler will perform better, last longer and have a valid warranty.

Pipes with limescale