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 All  gas appliances require regular maintenance, cookers, boilers, water heaters and even gas fires. This is to ensure that they are working both safely and efficiently. Just like the family car you should have an annual service. Of course if the car goes wrong it might not start, if a gas appliance is faulty it could be far more serious. So it's worth having all your gas burning appliances safety checked at least once a year. As part of the annual service for your heating boiler the flue is inspected and test to ensure that all the products of combustion (fumes) are taken safely away. If you have a modern condensing boiler the fumes are tested and measured to check that they conform to the manufactures specification. These checks are for your safety but they will also help to identify any potential faults with the system. 

With regular servicing and maintenance your boiler or cooker will last longer, any fault could be picked up before it becomes a hazard and also save on repair costs. It will always cost more to repair a broken down appliance, than a working one. It can also save a lot of inconvenience. A little forward planning can make life much easier down the line. 

For instance if you book a boiler service in the summer you can avoid the rush. In the autumn and winter there will be a waiting period due to demand. If you can head off a breakdown you will avoid call out charges and save yourself from having no heating and hot water during the colder weather. 

Another point worth thinking about is the fact that some manufacturers require an annual service to maintain their warranty, especially an extended one. 

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